Special Commissions

I like to think that all my dolls are special but sometimes I get requests for dolls that are very different from the ones in my standard range.I have taken photos of each one and would now like to share them with you.


I love a challenge and the photos below show just a few of the very special rag dolls I have made.




chef nativity cricket doll kaci mai



Vintage Christening Gown

This is an 18" Christening doll in a copy of a vintage linen dress.

There are tucks and inserted lace down the front of the skirt and ties down the back.





 Queenie1  Queenie2 sailor 
These 2 dolls were ordered by a leisure centre in the south of England for 2 ladies that were retiring.
The first was for a lady called Queenie so it seemed appropriate to give her a jewelled gold fabric crown and her name,topped with a tiny crown was embroidered on the pinafore.
The 2nd doll was for a lady that played badminton and also like sailing so I gave the doll a short pleated skirt,white T shirt and navy blazer.A white hat and trainers completed her outfit. I embroidered a tiny badminton racket on the skirt.
As both ladies were delighted with their unusual present it seems that more will be ordered.
Punk2 Punk2  punk3

 This is a 24" doll made for a teenager who liked to dress a bit like a punk. She hadn't had a rag doll as a child so this was a surprise Christmas present.

I dressed her in a red T shirt,kilt with braces and black net underneath. Her black hooded jacket had a pink fur trim,similar to the jacket she was wearing on the photo I was sent.Her back hair was streaked with pink hightlights and I gave her black and red striped tights and black boots to complete the outfit.



Bikini1 Bikini2 Bikini3 Bikini4

When I got an enquiry for a doll in a bikini I thought " this will be fun but how will I do it".

The bikini was easier to make than I thought and I even gave the doll some boobs to pad the bra top.There was no where to embroider the personalised message so I made a shoulder bag and put the message on that. The girl it was for had 2 delicate tattoos and I embroidered them in the appropriate places.



Sarah & Jonny


These two 18" dolls were made for a couple as "Stand in" guests at a wedding that they could not attend.They sent me a photo of themselves for me to use as reference.

I believe they are attending the wedding on the Isle of Skye so I hope they enjoy themselves. 




spain1 spain5 spain6 DSCF0008

These 4 dolls were made for a family in Spain and reflected each child's interest. Taekwondo, horse riding for the boys and the little girl dressed in flamenco costume and bikini as she spent a lot of time at the beach.


This was a doll made as a gift for a special birthday. She wore pearls,fur coat and "Channel" bag.A bottle of champage completed the look.


music2 music3 music5

 These 2 dolls were made to help with a music school who were starting lessons for children. They are 24" dolls and the "prim and proper" girl is Maisey and the boy is Mo. I embroidered musical notes down the sides of Mo's trousers and round the hem of Maisey's skirt.They also had a glove puppet made of each doll.



2 pyjamas PJ pockets

These 2 boy "Ready for bed" dolls were done for brothers with their names embroidered on the pockets and little night caps with bells.



kaci mai kaci mai 1

This is a 24" doll dressed in denim shorts and jacket with a white Tshirt with appliqued flower on the front. Blue stripped legs and black boots complete her outfit. Her name has been embroidered on the front band.


special lucy

This is a larger version of my Lucy doll who has sculptured hands.The sleepsuit was provided by the customer and she requested a bib to be embroidered with the child's name and a rose.



This is my latest commission. This 18" doll dressed in Chef's whites is for a ladies 40th birthday and is a present from her Mother.

I have put her company logo on the front.



This is a Mary doll that was made for a little girl playing the part of Mary in her first nativity. 



This was a 40th Birthday gift. She is dressed in the outfit the lady wears to walk her dogs.


If you have an idea for an unusual doll then please contact me and I can hopefully make your request as I'm always up for a challenge.You can be sure that no one else will have one like it.