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  Each one of my Personalised Rag Dolls is hand - crafted to your requirements. I have a choice of styles of rag doll and you choose the hair, eye and clothes colour and the embroidered message making a truely bespoke doll which will be a lasting keepsake. 

Once your order is received there is a 2-3 week delivery time. This can change due to the time of the year so if you do need an item urgently please email me so that I can advise on length of delivery time. 


<!-001->Traditional Rag Dolls
Traditional Rag Dolls

<!-002->Bridesmaid Rag Dolls
Bridesmaid Rag Dolls

<!-003->Modern Rag Dolls
Modern Rag Dolls

<!-004-!>Dress up doll
Dress up doll

<!-005->Christening & 1st Holy Communion
Christening & 1st Holy Communion

<!-006->Sculptured Dolls
Sculptured Dolls

<!-007->Bride & Groom Dolls
Bride & Groom Dolls

<!-008->Dolly D Designs
Dolly D Designs



<!-10->Embroidered Frames
Embroidered Frames

<!-11->Name Banners
Name Banners

Baby Toys
Baby Toys