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"Making dolls to Cherish"
Each one of my Rag Dolls is made, by me to your requirements. You choose the hair and eye colour and the embroidered message on the underskirt for a truly original doll. The faces are embroidered and all the dolls are CE marked. Please take a look at the different styles of doll I make and email me if you have any questions.
Once your order is received there is a 2-3 week delivery time. This can change due to the time of the year so if you do need an item urgently please email me so that I can advise on length of delivery time. 
My latest range of 18" rag dolls is DollyD and I am really excited about all the fabulous clothes I have planned for her.
Please click on the catergories below to find the full range of my rag dolls.
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<!-001->Dolly D Designs
Dolly D Designs

<!-002->Traditional Rag Dolls
Traditional Rag Dolls

<!-003->Modern Rag Dolls
Modern Rag Dolls

<!-004->Bridesmaid Rag Dolls
Bridesmaid Rag Dolls

<!-005->Christening & 1st Holy Communion
Christening & 1st Holy Communion

<!-006->Sculptured Dolls
Sculptured Dolls

<!-007->Bride & Groom Dolls
Bride & Groom Dolls



<!-10->Embroidered Frames
Embroidered Frames

<!-11->Name Banners
Name Banners

Baby Toys
Baby Toys